Mohan Bhog Anna Sewa covid-19

Realising that during the lockdown marginalised and under-resourced communities across the country would need support with daily essentials, An initiative named “Mohan Bhog Anna Sewa” is being introduced in the pandemic of COVID-19.  It is a pandemic for whole world, for India, and humanity. We took a responsibility to provide Food item packages and goods of essential requirement to various stranded peoples and daily wage earner and slum dwellers urban service provider.The entire staff of Astha Credit & securities unitedly worked to support this mission on a war footing to ensure that the needy do not go hungry during the lockdown period. Astha employees contributed to this programme by packing, preparing and supplying the provisions needed for the programme. Astha employee volunteers distributed free Food item packages to marginalised communities in their respective locations.

Further Bhagwati Jeewan Social Charitable Society continues its efforts to build on its tradition of social responsibility to empower the people and deepen its social engagement.